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Human Practice

The Night of Biologists!


This year our iGEM Team took part in Noc Biologów (The Night of Biologists). This annual event is organized since 2011. For one night every year biological laboratories in several universities in Poland are open for everyone who want to come and see how science really looks like! It is a wonderful opportunity to take part in experiments, listen to the lectures and learn about various fields of biology from students presenting thematic stands. The event is mainly addressed to high school students and younger children, but adults can find something interesting for them as well.


We ran a stand devoted to synthetic biology. Using simple models we were explaining the functions of basic standard biological parts, how we can split and link them using restriction enzymes. For younger children we prepared a colorful model of bacteria from which they could learn about its structure and components. We also brought our favorite pets: fluorescent bacteria!


This year The Night of the Biologists was even a greater success then the previous one! With the experience we got from last year we managed to explain outlines of synthetic biology in an easier way and we were better prepared for questions this time. It looks like taking part in this even became our small tradition, so we are looking forward to the next Night of Biologists that is going to take place in 2014!

This event was especially important for our Human Practice as it was a rehearsal for us - student's presenting our stand at the Science Picnic. As only 300 persons were present during this event that was taking place in our Faculty of Biology we could get an overview of what was waiting for us at the next event.