Human Practice. Involving the Public into the Future of Synthetic Biology.

The aim of science and synthetic biology in particular is to improve lives by solving problems. We as researchers (-to-be) are therefore working for society. Yet, we can only offer solutions, which have to be approved and applied by the public. Moreover, national and international legal frameworks limit every scientific action, which again, lie in the hand of the people. Thus, synthetic biology in general and our project in particular have implications for every individual, as we are all interdependent. Everyone, may he or she be a scientist or not, has an equally valuable opinion about synthetic biology.

We as iGEM Team Heidelberg have therefore put great effort in communicating with various groups within society and to engage a broader cross section of society as well as artists and of course the next generation of scientists into our project. We hope to open minds, broaden horizons as well as minimize prejudices and concerns. Additionally, we discussed our ideas with various experts in science and society.

Read about our experiences and the valuable and encouraging feedback we received over the past month by selecting one of the groups below. We further summarized our experiences and ethical considerations in an essay.


We discussed our project with experts from various fields including scientific and public safety, chemical peptide synthesis, gold recycling and redox chemistry. Find out more about the valuable feedback we recieved on our ideas!

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Broad Public

By engaging a broader cross section of society, we want to open up minds, broaden horizons as well as minimize prejudices and concerns towards synthetic biology. Additionally, we had great fun raising interest in our project!

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Young Generation

We involved the young generation to a special extent in our project, as they are the future of this society and future scientists. Childish curiosity is a crucial trait of a good researcher, isn't it?

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Arts and Science

Artists observe our world in sensitive way that distinguishes them from others. We had the unique opportunity to work with a group of inspiring artists from all around the world.

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Raising public interest in synthetic biology and one's project is crucial for the acceptance and thus fate of novel technologies. Media plays a special role in reflecting and shaping public opnions.

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We have created a knowledge-based platform improve information retrieval and analysis of current and former iGEM projects. Have a look at what it takes to develop a great project!

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Beyond Science

Science is not at all as serious as some might think. In contrast, many researchers are talented entertainers. As proof, we have collected some of these treasures and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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During our iGEM project, we met many great people, who shared their view on synthetic biology with us. We summarized our experiences in an essay, reflecting on implications and the justification of our project.

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