Achievements. Introducing NRPS to Synthetic Biology.

Automated Design of Custom Non-Ribosomal Peptide Synthetases

Production of Synthetic Peptides in different engineered E. coli Hosts

Invention of a Universal Tag for Non-Ribosomal Peptide labeling in vivo
Using the Tag for peptide characterization and quantification of production

Application of delftibactin NRP for sustainable Gold Recycling

Introducing our standardized Framework for Production of Synthetic Peptides to the Synbio Community: RFC 99 and RFC 100
Having lots of fun and very much looking forward to the Jamboree in Boston

Medal Requirements. Aiming for Gold.

Best New Standard
We submitted RFC99 and RFC100!
Have a look on our different parts!
Attribution and Contribution!
Thank you for the great help!
Bronze Medal Requirements
Team is registered!
Judging form is completed and submitted!
Project description of the Philosopher's Stone online!
Poster is prepared for the European Jamboree in Lyon!
New standard BioBrick is documented!
Silver Medal Requirements
New BioBricks are characterized!
New BioBricks are submitted!
Implications for ethics are pointed out!
Gold Medal Requirements
Functions of existing BioBrick was improved!
We helped other iGEM teams!
Novel approach to ownership and sharing as well as safety is described!
Thanks to