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Synthetic Peptides - BBa_K1152000 - 2005

We provide the constructs for the novel Dipeptide- and Tripeptide-Synthetases. Furthermore, we submitted the single modules that they are comprised of. These parts should serve as the basis of a future library for standardized work with NRPS. The modules are specific for different amino acids: Phenylalanine (tycA), Proline (tycB1) and Leucine (tycC6).

Indigoidine-Tag - BBa_K1152006 & 2007

One of our major achievements is the establishment of an easily detectable, inert and universal tag - the Indigoidine-Tag. With this tag, purification and validation of novel NRPs is significantly eased. The characteristics of the tag compare to those of the GFP-tag for proteins. We submit the helper-construct for tagging any desired Non-Ribosomal Peptide as our favorite part.

Tag-Optimization - BBa_K1152008 & 2013-2019

Besides establishing the Indigoidine-Tag, we focussed on optimizing its functionality and efficiency. Therefore, we modified the natural sequence of the Indigoidine synthetase indC (which is our Best Natural BioBrick by domain exchange which lead to altered and in some cases enhanced efficiency of the NRP-production. We submit the collection of alternate T-domains, of which we created several functional, synthetic ones as Best Part Range.

Tag-Characterization - BBa_K1152009 - 2012

During Tag-Optimization, we also focussed on the enzymes that are required for the activation of NRPSs - the PPTases. We characterized several PPTases and assessed their compatibility and efficiency. We thereby improved parts BBa_K802006 and BBa_K302010 from the registry, which are PPTase-encoding parts not annotated or characterized.

List of Parts - BBa_K1152000 - 2019

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