Although our team did not register as a software team we strongly believe in the concept of standardizing the workflow of software development. We not only want other teams to be able to use our software for the Design of NRP sequences but also give them the opportunity to further develop the software and deploy it for their complementary tools. In this respect, we aimed to fulfill all software requirements raised in iGEM. In addition, we tried to contact well-know scientists in the field of NRPS research to get as much feedback as possible to improve our software according to the current needs. For this reason, we contacted Mohamed Marahiel who responded positively to our approach: 'I was very impressed by the project performance and the excellent work all of you have realized until now.’ Jacques Ravel -founder of the Maryland tool- said about our software: ‘[...] there is no questions, that something like this is very much needed!’ Well, we think there is nothing much to add but: Enjoy creating your own synthetic NRP with the NRPSDesigner!
Bronze Medal Requirements
Team is registered!
Project description of the Philosopher's Stone online!
Poster is prepared for the European Jamboree in Lyon!
NRPSDesigner software is in the Registry of Software Tools!
Silver Medal Requirements
Draft of the next version is available!
A video tutorial is online!
Gold Medal Requirements
Another iGEM team used our software!
SBOL is used!
Open Source!
Thanks to