Team:NTU-Taida/Human practice


Human Practice

Human practice overview

To stimulate de novo ideas and promote synthetic biology and igem, we have held many activities.

In design thinking workshop, we constructed prototypes of solution to environmental problems and asked visitors in NTU hospital. Through these process, we hope to collect more opinions from public and make our thinking more creative and practical.

In the winter vacation, our team were separated into three groups. Each group should come up with a complete project and attainable experiment design and were arranged to throw a presentation. Via presentation, we obtained many valuable advises.

At July, to fit our projects, we actively contacted the department of laboratory medicine and have an opportunity to visit the laboratory about bacterial identification in NTU hospital. In this short visit, not only did we acquire many information of routine bacterial identification nowadays, but we redesigned part of our experiments.

In summer vacation, we promote synthetic biology and igem competition to many research clubs in high school. Also, we cooperated with other teams including NYMU and NTU-Taiwan and interacted with other teams including teams in Taiwan and in mainland China through two conferences—one of which was held by NCTU team, the other of which was held by our teams.

Finally, we decided to establish a student club in our university NTU as a platform for students interested in biology. This platform will continuously hold activities promoting igem and synthetic biology.