Clotho applications.


Clotho is a popular software framework in synthetic biology. It provides many applications which are very useful in synthetic biology. It can also extend itself by utilizing applications developed by others. So, in order to enrich the function of Clotho and to make more people experience our software, we developed two applications, Circuit List and TTEC.

Circuit List

We developed a Clotho verion of Circuit+, Circuit List. Though it's not very perfect, it can make users experience Circuit+ on Clotho.


TTEC, which is short for Transcriptional Terminator Efficiency Calculator, was developed by team SUSTC-Shenzhen-B in 2012. It calculate the efficiency of transcription terminator from the primary nucleotide sequences. We transplanted TTEC to Clotho platform to make more people use this useful tool. And this is prompted by iGEM that use existing iGEM software to develop new tools.If you want to know more about TTEC, the older one, please visit wiki of SUSTC-Shenzhen-B 2012.