Have a glimpse of our project.


Our project focuses on genetic circuits. In the last ten years, iGEM competition has produced and collected thousands of biobricks. And extensive efforts have been made to create the technique standard for biobricks. A genetic circuit usually composes of several biobricks and can perform some predefined function. Our project aim to go one step further, that we develop the technique standard for genetic circuits and build up a central database for collecting and sharing genetic circuits.


So, here are our actions

Technical standard

We proposed two technical standards this year (RFC 101 and RFC 97) to define logical gene module and genetic circuits.


a central database for genetic circuits

Inspired by the Registry of Standard Biological Part database, we came up with an ambitious plan that we should make the Registry of Standard Genetic Circuit. Our goal is to collect all previous iGEM projects and all published synthetic biology projects.

The ultimate goal of our project is to promote sharing in synthetic biology community! We have a future plan of establishing a community based on Mind Road and LGD, for we clearly know the importance of sharing design. To make the sharing efficient and effective, we proposed a technique standard for documentation of a genetic circuit


LGD is short for Logical Genetic Digram. It is a computer aided graphical generator integrated into our database. User can see the circuits and the relations between parts.


Our software support SBOL. SBOL is used in the data-exchanging interface of the software and users can upload and comment circuits.

Clotho application: Circuit List and TTEC

We developed a Clotho version of circuitplus, with the name “Circuit List”. We also developed TTEC in clotho, which is originally created by SUSTC-Shenzhen-B in 2012.