What we have got from our users.


To make Circuit+ better software, we collected many feedbacks from users. We sent emails to 2013 iGEM teams to invite them to upload their gene circuits and give us suggestions. And we have received feedbacks from SYSU-China, Peking, SUSTC-Shenzhen-A, OUC, Shenzhen_BGIC_ATCG, etc. And we also collected feedbacks when we were having workshop meetings and the Regional Jamboree. We really appreciate that they are so kind to share their circuits and offer so many precious suggestions.


In Summer Workshop

Peking iGEM team

Responding to our invitation, the Peking iGEM team registered our Circuit+. After exploring our demo version, they E-mailed us that:" the surface of the page is great! And the summary on Mindmap is wonderful because iGEM community desperately need such sorting software." Additionally, they also suggested us to add more circuits into the database. And we replied that we will constantly invite iGEM teams throughout the world to use the software and upload their circuits.

Making efforts to their suggestion, we mined over one hundred circuits from various journals and wikis.


In this summer, we went to HKUST and CUHK to take part in the Synthetic Biology Workshop in South Chin. We gave a presentation and Hong_kong_HKUST team and Hong_kong_CUHK team used our software. We thanked their praise and precious comments. They let us know the importance of quality of control of our data source.

Thanks to their suggestion, in the future, we will set up a professional committee with other schools, to maintain our databases and making an authoritative guarantee to the quality of those circuits. After the communication with other teams, we know that our software is very useful to them and a cooperation intention is forming up.


SUSTC-Shenzhen-A used our old version LGD program to aid themselves to design their gene circuit. Here' a snapshot on their wiki.

Prof. King Chow

The idea of sharing the projects is good. But pay attention to the verification of the submitted projects, it’s rough work and need some professional volunteers to help you.

In Regional jamboree

Tsinghua-I iGEM team

They show great interest in our Mindmap software. and came up with an idea of carry out iGEM training for freshman via Mindmap. Because the interface is quite fantastic while the data contains many useful iGEM projects and professional circuits from papers. we also decided to have deeper cooperation in the future.


During the Regional Jamboree, we showed our software to many people and got some feedbacks. Many iGEM teams, such as team of BGI, team of USTC and team of Tsinghua, they all thought that our software was very useful, especially when coaching new iGEMers. They also showed some ideas to cooperate with us in information in database.

All the suggestions are precious to us, and we made efforts to achieve some of them. We will try hard to make our software more useful for these adorable researchers in the future