Workshop meeting


With the spirit of open and sharing, our team joined several communication activities with other iGEM teams, including attending BGI workshop, visiting iGEM teams Hong_Kong_HKUST and Hong_Kong_CUHK. While communication with other teams, we exchanged our opinions and discussed our projects thoroughly. Eventually we had learned a lot from these communication activities and gained many constructive perspectives to improve our project.

Attending the BGI Workshop

On May 26th, we attended the workshop arranged by BGI iGEM teams. Seven iGEM teams attended this workshop, including Shenzhen BGIC 0101, Shenzhen BGIC ATCG, SCUT, SYSU-China, SYSU-Software, SUSTC-Shenzhen-A and SUSTC-Shenzhen-B. We all presented our projects and shared opinions with each other. And we got great help and lots of beneficial advice from this workshop.

Visiting iGEM team Hong Kong HKUST

On August 18th, we visited HKUST and had a meeting with iGEM team Hong_Kong_HKUST. Professor Kim Chow was pretty nice and welcomed us go to HKUST and had an open communication. Therefore, on August 18h, all our teammates had a pleasant discussion with the members of Team Hong_Kong_HKUST and got to know their beautiful campus.

Both teams gave a presentation of their project and introduced their team members. Then we expressed our opinions on each other’s projects and discussed our projects in depth level. Their opinions are really beneficial for the further improvement of our software.

Visiting Team Hong Kong CUHK

Our communication with Team Hong_Kong_HKUST was very helpful to us. So we contacted the team leader of Team Hong_Kong_CUHK and organized another outreach communication on August 24th. In this communication activity, we also met our old friends, some members of Team Hong_Kong_HKUST. We had a depth-level discussion that afternoon.

Asking feedbacks from other iGEM teams

After finishing our software, we have sent emails to many iGEM teams to invite them to use our software, submit their project information into our database and hope that they can feedback some suggestions on our software.