Here is our journey in iGEM

  • SUSTC-Shenzhen B had its new recruitment. About 70 freshmen readily started their iGEM journey.

  • During the winter holiday, we are separated in several groups to prepare for the Journal Club. When back to school in March, each group were supposed to give a presentation of what they had learned during the winter holiday every Monday and Thursday. In this way, we cooperated to learn basic knowledge of synthetic biology.

  • We had our first brainstorm, the organizer asked us to come up with fantastic ideas no matter if they are practical. At that time, we hardly knew anything about synthetic biology, but it did not bother us to have bats in the belfry.

  • We moved from Journal Club to Project Review. Each of us picked one iGem project in which he/she was interested and went over it in spare time. Still in Monday and Thursday, 6 students every time, we talked about the projects we chose and shared them. During this time, some students left us with various reasons, which is quite a pity.

  • We were divided into dry lab and wet lab.

  • We had our second brainstorm. At that time we had the basic synthetic biology knowledge and our ideas were much more practical.

  • We had our second brainstorm. At that time we had the basic synthetic biology knowledge and our ideas were much more practical.

  • Our team had the first meeting. We classified the past software projects and discussed what we were going to do this year. These projects inspired us a lot and this meeting lasted for more than 4 hours with logical genetic designer (LGD) as the primary choice.

  • The summer holiday started and so did our project. The last member, Yi Wan, recovered from pulmonary tuberculosis and joined us. First, we discussed and redefined our LGD, we want to make a CAD to modularize elements in genetic circuit and our advisor gave some precious comments. In order to achieve our goal, we decided to review the wet lab projects again. Then, we compared web page and native application and all agreed to adapt web2.0. Finally, we made a rule that everyone of us should do presentation at least once and the first pair is Xiaodan Zhu and Huiyu He

  • Meeting again. Today we gave presentation in front of our instructors. They helped modify the general orientation of our project and provided some professional suggestions about both synthetic biology and computer programming.

  • Everyone reported what they had reviewed. After that, we were separated into 3 groups. Xiaodan Zhu and Huiyu He work for the interface part, Hanrun Li and Liqun Zhou work for the algorithm part and rest of us work for the database. START WORKING!

  • We went to BGI for communication together with the wet lab team. There, we exchanged ideas with BGI iGEMers and SYSU iGEMers.

  • We had our first dinner party!!

  • We had another meeting. Before this day, we had finished the rough version of our database. In this meeting, we thoroughly discussed every detail of our project and how to realize them. We also spent more than 4 hours to draw the draft of our Mind Road. With these visible progresses, everyone is gaining confidence!

  • Hanrun Li finally gave out the project plan of our team under huge pressure from us…

  • we had another dinner party. At the bus station, we found 3 poor and vulnerable kitties and we decided to adopt them as our mascot.

  • Hanrun Li finally gave out the project plan of our team under huge pressure from us…

  • we had 7 days off!!!!!Oh, yeah!

  • we had the first meeting after the short holiday and prepared for the communication with HKUST. We officially name our project 3 miao, in the name of our mascot, in which miao means the Chinese meaning of cat meow.

  • we all went to HKUST to show our project idea!! This is the first time we have to speak English all the time and it really troubled us. The HKUST iGEMers were quite interested in our community idea, which is our future plan. After presentations, we had lunch together and they showed their campus to us which was really nice.

  • Meeting and keep working!

  • Mind Road can access to database.

  • LGD can present detail information of projects in Mind Road, especially relationship between parts.

  • preparing for communication with CUHK.

  • communication with CUHK.

  • Mind Road and LGD are put on our webpage.

  • communication with CUHK.

  • the new term started and we are all sophomores!

  • we had the first meeting. Within this week, we beautified the interface and debugged the Mind Road.

  • together with the wet lab team, we did one part of our human practice—— gave presentation of synthetic biology and our projects to freshmen.

  • the typhoon came and we were forced to cancel our meeting!!

  • professor He helped point out some problems and make a detailed schedule. Wiki started!!

  • Yi wan and …….went to …….to do the second part of human practice…………