Lab Manager

Improve your efficiency.

We also develop Synthetic Biology Laboratory Manager for lab management.

This is an internal management system constructed on internal php server, and can be visited and managed by any terminal supporting web browser. The Manager can assist users simplifying lab related affairs, such as experiments plan, facilities managing, papers sharing, meeting and lecture noticing, supporting protocols and sofeware tools.

This system mainly has 6 sections:News, Experiments, Facilities, Papers, Meeting Records and Support. The homepage, also the News section, displays the latest news like the nearest experiment and meeting notification. Also, the latest and most important meeting results, decisions and arrangements will be published here.

As for experiments section, users can manage and read the experiment arrangement. Standard protocols are provided for their regular synthetic experiments such as cloning and expression. When specific experiment is selected, Available reagents and materials in the lab is also on the choosing list. Detailed protocol will be generated to tell researchers when and where to get different reagents for their experiments. When the experiment is finished, used reagents will be deleted from the database and remains will be informed to return to their store. Experiment result can also record in the Manager.

As the problem all the labs is facing, this system helps users clearly and neatly record and manage the experimental instruments, reagents and materials. Elaborate records are stored in the database, including the ITEM NO., the company, the account and comments. Moreover, about Meeting Record, all meeting notifications and meeting minutes will be published and stored here. In addition, every papers for jurnal clubs or different projects will be classified in Papers section. At here, users can easily share and learn about all reference about others' studying progress. In support page, we offer variety of common proposals and interfaces of diverse synthetic biology software.