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In order to expose and promote biotechnology and genomics activity, there is the " Rotonda de la Biotecnología Genómica " , which is an interactive exhibition where attendees learn how is established the genomic biotech, what does it do and how it is developed in biotechnological processes around us.

This exhibition has six modules, one introductory and five representing each of the colors of biotechnology. The themes, content and interactions of each module are:

The arrangement of this event as the name says is a great circle, as a "round " of traffic allowing the flow of attendees being free without having a defined order. Unlike the tunnel that focused only on synthetic biology that underlies the construction of the Round, it is intended that the genomic biotechnology reaches as many people as possible, as well as advertising for the GENOBIOTEC13.

For the image of the event , we used a new themed street signs and symbols related to the theme of each module focusing on biotechnology color of these . Social networks (Facebook and Twitter) were a fundamental part to the success of this event , as it was given wide circulation in the media taking pictures with the signs of the Round.

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For better organization holding the event was convened STAFF a team of approximately 10000 persons, persons who performed different activities , both before and during treatment. Activities included from building structures of the exposition, exhibitions at the modules, general support and guide visitors movement.

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By this activity, we got an audience of approximately 4,000 people, including its version at the Biology School of the UANL where they were about 40 schools including High schools and Jr. High schools; and its version at the Parque Niños Heroes of the Monterrey City as part of The National Week of Science 2013.

Actually, we also got some other invitations of others Schools of Science and Government Associations for become part of some special events that they are organizing. For us, it can be an excellent opportunity to introduce the several applications of the Synthetic Biology in any of the Biotechnology areas.

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We were invited to participate in the event " A FAMILY SCIENCE " within the National Week of Science and Technology organized by the state government of Nuevo Leon , which takes place in the Parque Ninos Heroes each year in order to motivate society to engage in the development of science and its different areas.

The Exposition was installed in Ninos Heroes Park throughout the event , attendees were coming to see the exhibits and to perform the activities marked in each of them . We had a very positive response from attendees, even there were some who remembered our presence at the event from last year when we attended to the exposition of the Synthetic Biology Tunnel

This event aims to raise awareness in society about the importance of science as a basis for the future. Approximately attended approximately 5,000 people of all ages , ranging from kids to seniors.

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