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Courses and training

Introductory workshop for iGEM team UANL 2013 More

In mid-January 2013, students interested on becoming members of the iGEM team UANL 2013 were invited to a four day introductory workshop with the main objective of training them to develop the basic theoretical knowledge for the competition by introducing them to basic Molecular and Synthetic Biology topics, to the tools of Genetic Engineering and to what the competition consists in.

Training Workshop iGEM CIDEB 2013 More

iGEM-UANL team conducted a training workshop to enlist the team CIDEB-UANL Mexico to the iGEM competition for its participation in iGEM HSD 2013. They did fabulous! They came 2nd runner up in the competition just like the last year.
The topics that were included in the workshop were about molecular biology related with the nucleic acids function and the proteins involved in the “Central dogma”. About the laboratory, different techniques of molecular biology in the laboratory that are used in the genetic engineering and the synthetic biology, were taught to the students and a Practices Handbook was given to them elaborated by the instructors of the workshop.

Math Modelling Course More

This year, the iGEM UANL team decided to establish an introductory course called 'Mathematical Modeling in Systems Biology', with the idea of preparing our faculty students in the mathematical area of biology.

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Genomics Biotechnology Roundabout More

In order to expose and promote biotechnology and genomics activity, there is the " Rotonda de la Biotecnología Genómica " , which is an interactive exhibition where attendees learn how is established the genomic biotech, what does it do and how it is developed in biotechnological processes around us.

This exhibition has six modules, one introductory and five representing each of the colors of biotechnology. The themes, content and interactions of each module are:

Posters Exposition More

Both teams (IGEM-UANL and IGEM-CIDEB) were invited by the “Asociación Estudiantil de Biotecnología Genómica” from the FCB (AsEBioGen) to the poster exposition because of the LBG Week (Genomics and Biotechnology Career Week), celebrated in the central hall of the Faculty, where the projects done were exposed: HuBac y E. cologic as well as Human Practices in the case of the UANL team and Kumus with the CIDEB team.

Chemistry Year Conference at CIDEB 2012 More

During the commemoration event to the International Chemistry Year, organized by the “Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de Educación Bilingüe” (CIDEB), conferences planned took place by the IGEM-UANL team respect to the Chemistry, IGEM and Synthetic Biology during the 2 days of the event. This conferences were given to the students belonged to the Progressive Baccalaureate and the International Baccalaureate in the Principle Auditorium of the High School and they were originally prepared and designed by the IGEM-UANL 2011. The final objective of the visit was to invite the students to participate in the IGEM competition High School Division (iGEM HSD) giving a presentation with the requirements of that competence in division mentioned.
Finally, there was a talk with the Dr. Socorro Guajardo (CIDEB Principal) who accepted the invitation to participate in the IGEM HSD, giving the leader place of the project to the teacher Jannet Salinas and external aid by the IGEM-UANL.

Synthetic Biology Conference More

As part of the 60th anniversary of the Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas (UANL) celebration events, the iGEM UANL team invited the President of the Mexican Association of Synthetic Biology, MC Geronimo Villanueva for a talk to discuss topics such as:

Synthetic Biology

How is Synthetic Biology?

iGEM and projects

The current state of Mexico in the area of Synthetic Biology

BioBricks and Parts Registry

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Jr. High School Visits More    Even More!

One of the many ways to achieve a better diffusion of iGEM and Synthetic Biology is through students.
Our objective is to convey these topics with an accessible discourse and to evaluate this through surveys, which will also allow us to assess the impact of our expositions and talks in public and private junior high schools from the metro area of our city.
We gave a presentation/talk that addressed students in a clear, simple and concise way; we also performed some experimental demonstration, like banana DNA extraction and the simulation of an iGEM competition, where students had to propose a fictitious iGEM project with the information that we taught them, in order to make them understand the topic more profoundly.

Synthetic rally 2012 More

The objectives are to promote the importance and impact of Synthetic Biology, inform about the interesting applications through a funny, entertaining, educative and original activity. This would allow the students learn and enjoy the experience of Synthetic Biology in a very “Silence” way, playing thematic games which can help them understand some difficult concepts such as “DNA”, “Plasmids”, “BioBrick”, etc.
The purpose of the final activity is to simulate an iGEM competition, in which they would apply their knowledge to build an original circuit and win the “Great BioBrick”.

Aware 200 junior high students about Synthetic Biology. Show them the applications, benefits, risks, and how they could improve the world by modifying characteristics to make a better place while protecting the environment.

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Entrepreneurial interview More

As part of our HP, we contact two experts in the biotechnology field, working in different enterprises, and did them an interview about the processes their enterprises develop, and the way synthetic biology could help them. This activity was done in order to show the great impact the synthetic biology could have in the business area, and also the help that different biologic projects can give to the society and technology.

On the Radio! More

During last summer, the team was invited to present our work to different radio stations, were we talked about our wetlab project, E.cologic, and the human practices projects, specially the Synthetic Biology Tunnel expo. This expo gained attention from the Public Secretary of Education (SEP) and also from two local television channels; these channels made two news reports, respectively.

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