Bring iGEM to art students

In order to bring the concept of synthetic biology and igem competition to the art college and let the arts students feel the fun of synthetic biology and participating in the igem contest, our team went to the China academy of art which can represent the highest level of arts in China,we held an exhibition titled with "synthetic biology tour”. We showed them from the basic concept of synthetic biology to igem competition, from “ zju - China ” to the fact that art college students can be involved in igem family by countless possible ways. Besides, we also left the specially designed doodle board for students to let them use their brushes and describe igem in their own ways.

Some people might feel strange for the site of the exhibition - China Academy of Art,they may wonder why biology exhibition is held in art college?We believe that bringing the concept of synthetic biology to the people who never learn about that can make more significants , because they have never thought that they can have any contact with biology science, so they will be more curious, and it is because of the curiosity, they will learn lots of knowledge about synthetic biology and igem, this is what we want to see.Art and science is interlinked, we use the “pen ”to modify organisms in nature, this also can be regarded as another form of art.

Art School 1.JPG Art School 2.JPG

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