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The Tale of Ghost and Elf: Chapter one

That night the little prince left the earth. The distance between the earth and B612 was so far that he had to find a place for resting. At this time, the little prince landed on planet Ecoli. Something unimaginable on this planet was impending, which was absolutely different from the king, the conceited man, the tippler, the businessman and the geographer he encountered before. Ecoli, not as big as the earth, has gardens and buildings on it. The moment his feet touched the ground, a small voice came to his ears:” Hey, you tread on me.”

“Oh, sorry.” The little prince moved away his feet in a hurry.

“Who are you?” Little Dot asked curiously.

“I am the little prince.” Apparently, the little prince felt happy right now, because the silence of the universal trip was finally broken.

“You are a good boy. Nice to meet you.” Little Dot was frank and outspoken.

“Do you live alone on the planet?” The little prince asked.

“NO. Why not let me introduce you to my companions?” Little Dot was very kind to the guest.

For some reason, the little prince found something familiar on Little Dot. He knew deep in Little Dot’s heart, it was pure. “Then let’s go.”

Little Dot jumped forward with strive. But little prince’s step was much bigger than hers. Hence, the little prince squatted down and put his hand on the ground.


“Come on, just tell me the direction.”

Little Dot was moved by the goodness of the little prince. They walked along a track, back to the setting sun, to Little Dot’s transparent home which was built by glass.

“Wow, it is really beautiful here. But, why do all of the flowers face only one orientation?”

“They are the sunflowers. And the sun is what their pursue only throughout their whole life.” Little Dot explained detailedly.

“I love the twilight. Shall we sit down and watch it for a while?”

“Yeah.” Accompanied by little prince, Little Dot was delighted.

In silence, the little prince watched the setting sun. It should be the first time for him to enjoy the beloved scenery in such a bright mood.

“Can we see the setting sun many times in one day on your planet?”

“No, but you can see it again tomorrow.”

With time going by, the sunlight became softer and softer, and the dark sky was inset with twinkling stars. The little prince lay down and fell asleep quickly. Maybe he was just tired after a long tour, and his spirit was low after so many farewells.

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