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The Tale of Ghost and Elf: Chapter two

Just as the little prince gradually felt asleep, the life light of Little Dot started flickering. It was the time for Little Dot to replenish some energy; instead it would like to left the little prince aside. He was almost unfamiliar after all.

“It may be…better… to message her for help…” Little Dot knew it would be scold angrily by Summer. But Little Dot had just got used to hold consideration for others; moreover the little prince would get ill the next day after a whole night here. For that Summer had adjusted the celestial body into sleep state, the temperature control device would activate at night. Then it would become cold. Summer did so to attach the dew to the ground and the plant. The celestial changed relative humid thanks to this, for it had been quite dry before instead.

In the Glass House, Summer was helping her figurines—just so many fiddled by her own--replenish their energy. Summer was rightly so lively; she would raise hell provided that she live in so big a house by herself. Besides dealing with some daily expounds, she had a special hobby—dressing herself up as the Flame Angel to save the universe. She had fabricated countless equipments, including clothes, shoes, magic tools and even antipersonnel weapons and so on. Still it was just because she had a red hair that she called herself as the Flame Angel. She always dreamed to save the universe! When she was still immersing into brimless daydream, the siren attached to Little Dot rang up.

“Too naughty…the little guy…Never know where it escapes to!”

Summer accelerated her flying device, which looked like a firefly. Summer steered slowly, watching the ground carefully. ”Oh, it’s here. It’s not far from the house, but why can’t it be back? Wow, who’s that boy?” Summer landed slowly.

“Summer, I’m here!”

“I’ve just caught you. Why do you stay outside so late? I’d better prepare a procedure for you to make sure that you can come back home on time straightforward.”

“Okay…don’t be angry, darling. Look! That’s the little prince.” Little Dot introduced its new friend to Summer, with a little sulkiness.

“He is sleeping. It approaches the time for sleep state. Hey, wake up!” Summer pushed the little prince.

“Go to my home for a break, okay?”

“Ah… thank you.”

“Is this you plane? It seems unlike.”

“I call it as ‘the Firefly’. I just thought an insect was beautiful during my tour. Then I pictured it so that I could design my plane as its appearance. It’s so lovable. Ha-ha, I love it!”

“By the way, I’m Summer. Hello, little prince!” Summer was always so lively. Maybe there was no worry for her in the world. Her happiness seemed completely opposite to the melancholy of the little prince.

“May you stay here longer? I’d guide you in our planet. You must have traveled for a long time in the universe. Stay here to relax. I can help you restore your body too.”

“Summer is really cruel indeed! There are really a lot of pretty places in our celestial.” Little prince aspired.

They arrived home at last.

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