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The Tale of Ghost and Elf: Chapter six

The Little Dot felt a little unhappy, for everyone made effort to protect the planet except her. She just accompanied Summer and the little prince all day. Summer didn’t give her any tasks.

“What’s the matter? You seem to be unhappy.” Summer asked, noticing her displeasure,” the little prince will go back home tomorrow. He worries about his Rose. Could you help me send him home for me?” Little Dot smiled,” OK, but how can I send him?”

“I have already programmed the firefly. You can take it to leave and fly back home.”

“What about you, don’t you go together with us?”

“No, I have to stay here to observe the planet in case that something emergent happens.”

“Flame Angel is me. I am the Flame Angel. The first man protects the world……” Little Dot sang happily.

“Come back soon, don’t linger. There is a more important task waiting for you.

The next day, Little Dot and Little Prince flied to planet B612 together.

“What a tiny star!”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t prevent me from feeling satisfied about my life with the company of my rose.”

“So where’s she?”

“What’s wrong with you, my Rose?” Little prince asked with great anxiety after seeing Rose drooped her head and lost her previous brightness.

“Finally you’re back…Eh-hem…” Rose said in a hoarse voice, “I have been in trouble breathing smoothly since a wind with yellow powder arrived two days ago.”

“I have a friend who can cure of your ill, and I will bring you to her home.”

“That’s kind of you.”

Little Dot, the driver of firefly, returned to Ecoli carrying Little Prince and Rose.

“Is this Rose? Hello Rose, I’m Summer! Welcome to visiting Ecoli! Haha…”



“Summer, she’s ill with the same disease in you star, could you please take treatment on her as soon as possible?”

“Sure, it’s my pleasure to help you. By the way, I feel so lucky to prepare for more victims of the yellow powder in advance.”

“What’s that weird stuff?! If it will stain my beautiful petals, I’d better give up the remedy. ”

“Be quiet, or I will show you something more weird…”

“It’s amazing that I feel relaxed a lot at once!” “Prince, Can you hear my resumptive wonderful voice?”

“Yes, it’s so graceful.” Said little prince with cheerful smile.

Rose was vigorous after recovering from her illness, and she began her single dance. Her four sharp claws were no more tools to protect herself but hands and feet which can produce exquisite dancing posture. Look, she was inviting Prince to dance together! That scene was so fantastic that we nearly couldn’t believe that it had once appeared in Little Prince's dream. The four little fellows could’t help themselves but accompanying the two dancers with their own instruments. Moved by the sweetness before her eyes, Summer strengthened her ideal to protect the universe, and enhanced her confidence as Emissary of Flame Angel.

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