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The Tale of Ghost and Elf: Chapter seven

Little Dot, Mr. Careless, Lily and Wind took little prince and Rose around the star of which they were so proud. Ecoli deserved their proudness because it was so beautiful a star where every site can be a place of interest from every point of view.

While the guests were enjoying their journey, Summer fabricated Firefly II, which would made it easier for Little Prince and his Rose to travel between Ecoli and their home star, B612.


“Bye, my dear friends, be sure to be back here often.” Little Dot held her tears and waved goodbye to Little Prince and Rose reluctantly. Who can resist to falling in love with so cute a person!

“Bye, Little Prince and Rose, I will miss you.” Mr. Careless was already crying.

“Bye, Little Prince, please feel free to turn to me if you have any problems in the future. Never forget I am the Flame Angel who protects the whole universe!” Summer pretended to be joyful to veil her sadness. She didn’t want to be parted with Little Prince at all. Fortunately, it would not be so difficult for Summer to visit B612 under the help of Firefly.

“Bye!” Wild Wind and Lily waved their arms, with numerous words blocked in their throat.

What makes a heart settled is not garnish words but a sincere affection. We are accustomed to make our inference according what we know about a person, but that can only change the person’s surface but not inner, just as he and his Rose. He loved her, she loved him too. To be with each other is the biggest happiness. Just as his friends, who thought about him. He missed them too. They would be satisfied just because every get-together is delightful. Little Prince waved to his friends through the glass window with another hand leading Rose. Such farewell is filled with tears but affections also.

“Thank you! Bye~”

Firefly II was launched slowly, but before long it flew to the sea of stars and became one of them, unable to be distinguished. It was then that the five fellows turned back and returned to their glass house. There was little time left for Summer to sorrow for Little Prince’s departure. Her mind was sinking in the recent yellow powder wind both occurred in B612 and Ecoli. How about the other stars in the universe? Summer’s mission was too far away from end, and it’s never the time to relax her vigilance!

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